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JAN. 28 at 10:00 a.m.           

Norma Ramos:

"Sex Trafficking - The World's Oldest Oppression".

Norma Ramos

  • Norma Ramos is a long-standing human rights attorney and social justice activist.

  • She is an ecofeminist who links the worldwide inequality and destruction of women to the destruction of the environment.

  • She writes and speaks extensively about the sexual exploitation of women and children as a core global injustice.  

  • She has appeared on a range of television and national radio programs. 

  • She serves on the board of Prostitution Research and Education (PRE.)

  • Most recently she served for 3 years as Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights under the New York State Cuomo administration.

  • Norma is the recipient of numerous awards including the Life of Commitment Award from the Fordham University Feerick Center,  Pioneering and Leadership Award- Trafficking in America Task Force, and the award "In recognition of excellence in the profession" by the  National Bar Association Commission on Latinas in the Legal Profession.

Click on this link to attend the Zoom presentation:

For assistance, please call Carol at 917-344-0798

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