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Past Presentations 
Deerfield Progressive Forum Speaker Series
DEC 2009- MARCH 2021

Speaker Schedule 2009/2010

December 5, 2009

James Tracy, Associate Professor School of Communication and Media Studies Florida Atlantic University

Labor vs. The Main Stream Media

December 12, 2009

Chris Cook, Author and award-winning journalist

The Politics of Food

December 19, 2009

Gordon Fellman, Prof. of Sociology and Chair, Peace, Conflict, and Coexistence Studies, Brandeis University

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict In the Time Of Obama

January 9, 2010

Rod Macdonald, Singer-Songwriter Modern Folk Music

Songs of work and protest

January 16, 2010

Donna Lamb, Journalist and anti-racism activist

White Activism in Black Movements

January 23, 2010

Mark Solomon, Prof. Emeritus, Simmons College

What Is The State of the Union?

January 39, 2010

David Kotz, Professor of Economics, Univ. of Mass, Amherst, MA

Fixing Our Financial System

February 6, 2010

Leonard Weinglass, Civil Rights Attorney

A Critique of the US Federal Judiciary System

February 13, 2010

Dr. Manjunath Pendakur,

Radical Politics and Bollywood in India

February 20, 2010

Reese Erlick,

Prospects for Changing US Policy Toward Cuba

February 27, 2010

Paul Garver, International Union of Food Workers (IUF), Coordinator Union Organizing in Transnational Companies (retired)

Organizing the Workers of the World

March 6, 2010

Robert Dreyfuss, Author and Contributor to The Nation, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones

A Progressive Strategy for Dealing with Political Islam and Muslim Extremism

March 13, 2010

Gregory Wilpert, Adjunct professor of political science and freelance writer

What are the most important changes going on in Venezuela today?

March 20, 2010

Patricia Ireland, A World Feminist Leader, Attorney

A Look at Women's Issues Today

March 27, 2010


Speaker Schedule 2010/2011

December 4, 2010

Ronald Cox, Professor, FIU

Political power of global finance

December 11, 2010

Reese Erlich, Foreign correspondent and author of "Conversations with Terrorists"

Conversations with terrorists

December 18, 2010

Mark Siegel, Lawyer and Chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party Executive Committee

Midterm elections and where we are going

January 8, 2011

Harry Targ, Professor of Political Science, Purdue University

The Obama presidency, the permanent war economy, and financialization

January 15 2011

Kevin Wagner, Department of Political Science, FAU

Media politics and the modern Supreme Court

January 22, 2011

Cynthia Pearson, Executive Director, National Women�s Health Network

The politics of women�s health: How corporate money influences what you, your doctor, and your Congresswoman think is an important woman's health issue

January 29, 2011

Judith Le Blanc, National organizer for Peace Action, the largest grassroots peace organization in the USA

Jobs creation

February 5, 2011

Carl Bloice, Civil rights activist and member of the Editorial Board of Black Commentator

Crises and challenges in 2011

February 12, 2011

Robert Parry, Award winning investigative reporter and author of "Neck Deep"

Analysis of the Obama White House

February 19, 2011

Jules Lobel, Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh

Guantanamo, torture and rendition

February 26, 2011

Ellen Friedman, Professor of Sociology and Political Science, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China

Scary ironies and surprising convergences: An American union organizer in "Socialist" China

March 5, 2011

Greg Grandin, Author of Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jungle City, a 2009 National Book Award finalist, Professor of Political Science, NYU

The end of the Monroe Doctrine and thr beginning of the Obama one?

March 12, 2011

Richard D. Wolff, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Massachusetts

Captitalism in crisis and its effects on the culture

March 19, 2011

Peter Edelman, Professor of law, Georgetown University and policy maker

Poverty and welfare in the U.S.

March 26, 2011


Speaker Schedule 2011/2012

Dec 3, 2011

Tom Linzey, Director, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Corporate Rights and the Rights of Nature

Dec 10, 2011

Lynn Appleton, Prof. Sociology, FAU

Is Gender Still an Issue?

Dec 17, 2011

Fred Magdoff, Prof. Emeritus, University of Vermont, and Adjunct Prof, Cornell U.

What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism

Jan 7, 2012

Rev. Steven Baines, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

The Encroachment of Religion on U.S. Politics

Jan 14, 2012

Gerald Friedman, U. Massachusetts, Amhers

Economics in Crisis

Jan 21, 2012

Brian Jones, Teacher, actor,activist, in New York City

Marx in Soho (a play)

Jan 28, 2012

Ray McGovern, retired CIA officer serving under seven U.S. Presidents for 27 years and now a critical commentator

Has the CIA Gone Rogue?

Feb 4, 2012

Mark Solomon, Simmons College Emeritus

Class War: Where do We Stand?

Feb 11, 2012

Mark Solomon (a repeat performance

topic to be determined)

Feb 18, 2012

Amy Carol Webb, local songwriter and folk singer

Conversation with Music

Feb 25, 2012

Robert Dreyfuss, Author and contributor to The Nation. Rolling Stone and Mother Jones

The Arab Revolt: What Now?

Mar 3, 2012

Naomi Brussel, a lesbian feminist Jewish Socialist, a social worker in NYC for 45 years, member of the OUT/FM radio collective on WMAI in NYC

The Struggle for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Queer Liberation. How Does It Intersect With the International Class, Race and Gender Liberation Movement?

Mar 10, 2012

Judith LeBlanc, National Organizer, Peace Action, the largest grassroots peace organization in the USA

>Can We Afford Peace?

March 17, 2012

Mark Weisbrot, Co-Director, Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. He is co-author, with Dean Baker, of Social Security: The Phony Crisis

What We Need to Know About Latin America

March 24, 2012


Speaker Schedule 2012-2013

Dec 1, 2012

Film: The Last Train Home

Dec 8, 2012

Ronald Cox, Professor of Political Science, FIU

Corporate Power and the Election

Dec 15, 2012

Kit Rafferty, Exec Director, S. Florida Jobs with Justice.

S. Florida Jobs with Justice.

Jan 5, 2013

Amy Carol Webb, Performer and Composer, Ordained Unitarian Minister.

Music, Spirit and Revolution

Jan 12, 2013

Mike Budd, Professor of Film FAU

Media and Politics

Jan 19, 2013

Dan Kovalik, Human and Labor Rights Attorney, Contributor, Huffington Post.

Human Rights in Latin America

Jan 26, 2013

Brian Jones, Educator, Actor, Activist, NYC.

Race and Education

Feb 2, 2013

Duncan McFarland

An American in China

Feb 9, 2013

Cynthia Pearson, Executive Director, National Women's Health Network, Washington, DC.

The War on Women's Bodies

Feb 16, 2013

Ellen and Gary Buxstel, Performing and Songwriting Team.

Is it Hot in Here or is it Me? And other Topical Songs

Feb 23, 2013

Robert Dreyfuss, Author and contributor to The Nation. Rolling Stone and Mother Jones

The Middle East

Mar 2, 2013

Leonard Berry, Professor FAU

Climate Change in Florida

Mar 9, 2013

Kitty Oliver, Author and Oral Historian

Race and Ethnic Relations in Story and Song

March 16, 2013

Lynn Appleton, Professor of Sociology, FAU,

Reagan-esque Revolution

March 22, 2013


Speaker Schedule 2014-2015

Dec 6, 2014

Film: The Other Son -- Discussion to follow

Dec 13

Mike Coleman, Local Democratic Party Leader in South Florida

Jan 3

Leonore Tiefer, NYU Educator, Therapist, Author

Sex is more like dancing than digestion: The medicalization of sexuality

Jan 10

Brian Jones, Educator, Actor, Social Justice Activist

The radical legacy of the civil rights movement

Jan 17

Ronelle Delmont, Lecturer, FIU and FAU

World of our parents: The immigrant story of the Lower East Side

Jan 24

Alice Rothchild, Activist, Author, Physician

The Israel/Palestine conflict

Jan 31

Medea Benjamin, Human Rights Activist, Co- founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange

How creative activism leads to change: Examples from the street

Feb 7

Mark Solomon, Professor, Simmons College

Is the USA inching toward fascism at home?

Feb 14

Mark Solomon, Professor, Simmons College.

U.S. Imperialism around the world

Feb 21

Jeffrey Nall, Professor, Florida Atlantic U.

The facts of fast-food life: Having it OUR way at THEIR expense

Feb 28

Leonard Berry, Florida Atlantic University

Florida's vulnnerability to sea level rise: Adaptation plans ans responses

Mar 7

Nahal Zamani and Meejin Richart

Community Protest, Organizing and Advocacy from Eric Garner to Mike Brown

Mar 14

Deepa Kumar, Professor, Rutgers University

Manufacturing the terrorist threat: From the 1970s to the War on Terror

Mar 21

Amy Carol Webb, Composer, Performer

Songs of the people

Mar 28

Bagel Party

Speaker Schedule 2015-2016

Dec 5, 2015

Film: The Attack Discussion to follow

Dec 12.2015

Susan Stein, Actress ETTY: A one-woman play, Memoir of the Holocaust

For more information, click here.

Jan 2, 2016

Phyllis Mansfield, Moderator Getting to Know You & Snacks!

Jan 9, 2016

David Cobb, Lawyer, political activist, founder of Move to Amend, The People vs. the Corporation

Jan 16, 2016

Krista Bremer, Author, My Accidental Jihad, Women in Islam

Jan 23, 2016

Mark Solomon, PhD Emeritus, Simmons College, What can we expect after the 2016 election?

Jan 30, 2016

Edgard Hernandez, Socialist activist, Venezuelan issues, Venezuela update

Feb 6,2016

Joan Retsinas, PhD, Health policy issues, Wading through the thicket of healthcare tangles

Feb 13, 2016

Lynn Appleton, PhD, Florida Atlantic U., Our final years: Death and the marketplace

Feb 20, 2016

Barbara Weiner, Attorney, The challenges of immigration

Feb 27, 2016

Donna Lieberman, Attorney, Head, NYC ACLU, Should there be limits to freedom of speech?

Mar 5, 2016

Omar Farah, Attorney, Ctr for Constitutional Rights, Guantanamo

Mar 12, 2016

Katherine Gallagher, Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights, Holding corporations accountable for human rights abuses

Mar 19, 2016

Pink Slip, The philosophy of Pete Seeger through his life and song

Mar 26, 2016

Bagel Party

Speaker Schedule 2016-2017

Dec 3, 2016

Marcia Annenberg

Art depicting the supression of news

Dec 10, 2016

Where To Invade Next

Film by Michael Moore

Dec 17, 2016

Jerry Gray, folk singer

Canadian progressive songs en Francais et English

Jan 7, 2017

Ronelle Delmont, Lecturer FIU and FAU

Defending the Master Race: American Eugenics and Immigration Policy

Jan 14, 2017

Jeff Nall, Professor, FAU

Social Change Through Coffee and Chocolate

Jan 21, 2017

Brian Jones, Educator, Actor, Social Justice Activist

From 1960's civil rights to black power

Jan 28, 2017

Mark Solomon, Simmons College

International Implications of the US Elections

Feb 4, 2017

Richard Kamp, Founder and Director, E-Tech International

Fracking: Destruction of the Earth

Feb 11,2017

Medea Benjamin, Human Rights Activist, Co-founder of Code Pink

Saudi Arabia: Why is the US allied with this repressive regime

Feb 18, 2017

Les Leopold, Executive Director, Labor Institute

What to do about runaway income inequality

Feb 25, 2017

Black Lives Matter, Alliance Broward

Mar 4, 2017

Speaker from the Center for Constitutional Rights

Mar 11, 2017

Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

What is the US doing in Ukraine and why?

Mar 18, 2017

Pink Slip musical duo

Mar 25, 2017

Bagel Party

Speaker Schedule 2017-2018

Dec 9

Film: "I Am Not Your Negro". A documentary about James Baldwin, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X.

Dec 16

Gerry Grayson, NYCTC/CUNY


Dec 22, Dec 29

Holiday Break

Jan 6

Winnie Downes, Compassion and Choices, Sarasota


Jan 13

Brian Jones, Educator, Actor, Writer


Jan 20

Les Leopold, Executive director, Labor Institute


Jan 27

Mark Solomon, Prof Emeritus Simmons College


Feb 3

Steve Warshell, Socialist Workers Party


Feb 10

Lynn Appleton, Prof FAU


Feb 17

Trevor Aaronson, Florida Center for Investigative Reporting


Feb 24

Phyllis Mansfield, Prof Emerita Penn State University


Mar 3

Mark Blecher, Oberlin College


Mar 10

Center for Constitutional Rights, NYC


(For this week only we will meet in Le Club, not the Activities Center.)

Mar 17


Mar 24

Bagel Party for members

Deerfield Progressive Forum Speaker Series -- 2018-2019

Dec. 15 - Vietnam Revisited Mike Budd, semi-retired Professor of Film and Media Studies, FAU, and "Re-Thinking Disney: Private Control, Public Dimensions"

Dec 22 - Film TBA

Jan 5 Should Corporate America Control Our Institutions
Harry Targ, Ph.D, Professor of Political Science and Director of Peace Studies, Purdue University.

Jan 12 - The Enemies to Medical and Recreational Marijuana
Bob Platshorn, Founder of the Silver Tour which promises legalizing marijuana.

Jan 19 - Rising Sea Levels- Are We Losing Our Coastal Cities
Dick Lowenthal, jazz musician and educator

Jan 26 - The Intrusion of Religion into Politics
Rob Boston, Senior Advisor and Editor, "Church and State", jjournal of Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

Feb 2 - The Parkland High School Massacre, One Year Later
MSDH students and faculty discuss the aftermath, personally and politically.

Feb 9 - Our Media Landscape: Where is Walter Cronkite When We Really Need Him.
Nicole Sandler, longtime progressive show host.

Feb 16 - The State of U.S./ Canada Relations
Marvin Hershorn, Retired Professor of Humanities, Dawson College, Montreal.

Feb 23 - Why No Universal, Single Payer for All
Dr. Olveen Carrasquillo, Professor of Medicine, Miller School of Medicine and member, Physicians for a National Health Program.

The Voice of Truth vs Fake News in the Age of DisInformation
Center for Constitutional Rights -- Speaker TBA

March 2 - Creating a Broad Anti-Trump Movement
Les Leopold, co-founder of the Labor Institute and author of several books on labor, econmics and inequality.

March 16 - Songs of Resistance
The Pink Slip duo combines discussions and tributes to 60's artists such aside Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

March 23 - The Bagel Party

Deerfield Progressive Forum Speaker Series -- 2019-2020

Dec. 14 -Separated: Children at the border
Film from PBS Frontline

Dec 21 - Prisoner Rights
Paul Wright, founder and director, Human Rights Defense Center and editor of "Prison Legal News"

Jan 4 - Hate Groups in America
Lecia Brooks, Southern Poverty Law Center

Jan 11 - Racial Justice
Center for Constitutional Rights -- Speaker to be announced

Jan 18 - Jazz and Civil Rights
Dick Lowenthal, jazz musician and educator

Jan 25 - Political Struggles in Africa
Ernest Harsch, Journalist and research scholar, Institute of African Studies, Columbia University

Feb 1 - Iran
Medea Benjamin, peace and human rights activist, author, and co-founder of CODEPINK

Feb 8 - POTUS vs. SCOTUS
Frank Askin - retired lawyer and scholar

Feb 15 - The Manufactured Memory of Slavery
Ethan Kytle and Blain Roberts, Professors of History, California State University at Fresno, co-authors of "Denmark Vesey's Garden"

Feb 22 - Venezuela and Colombia
Dan Kovalik, Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Pittsburgh, author and lecturer on global human rights and author of "The Plot to Overthrow Venezuela, How the U.S. is Organizing a Coup for Oil"

Feb 29 - America's Abusive Immigration Practices
Center for Constitutional Rights -- Speaker TBA

Mar 7 - Roots of Gun Violence
Thomas Gabor, criminologist and international gun policy consultant and author of "Confronting Gun Violence in America"

March 14 - Film -- TBA

March 21 - Songs of Resistance
The Pink Slip leads us in songs of protest from legendary artists like Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Woodie Guthrie

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